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Ahoy, mateys!

Hello. I'm new here.

I'm now going to bore you to tears with an intro post. Muahahaha.

Okay. Five reasons why I am a dork. (This shouldn't be hard.)

1) I am a complete bookworm. If I'm not reading something, I'm writing something. I'm always coming up with new ideas, which is why I always try to bring paper and pens around with me. The dumbest things inspire me. Seriously. I could hear somebody say "roflwaffle" (My friends actually say things like that. Just be glad I didn't say "fluffernutter" or "roflcopter" or anything like that. Oops, I just said them. Sorry.) or something idiotic like that and be able to write for an hour based on my reactions to that word. I'm such a bookworm that I got a job at a library. I'm the crazy chick that bows down before the five rows of Stephen King books, dances on the elevator, and sings and talks to herself when nobody else is around.
2) I dance around like a complete idiot whenever I get the chance. I'm even dancing now. Be amazed by my awesome dancing-while-typing skills! *dances while typing*
3) I dress up like a pirate wench whenever possible. In fact, I went to a 20s themed dance at my high school with my best friend, and we dressed as pirates. She was Captain Jack Sparrow (she really pulls it off quite well), and I was dubbed her pirate wench. Even when we aren't in our pirate garb, we talk like pirates and skip around singing "A Pirate's Life For Me". We're so cool stupid.
4) My violin is my baby. My mother bought it for me a few years ago, because it's cheaper to buy it than it is to pay to rent it every year. I even named it once, as well as my school violin, but I forget their names. I'll remember them eventually, though. If you hear somebody screaming out random things at 3:00 in the morning that resembles a name for an inanimate object, that's probably me (though you never know). Blah. Anyway, I play my violin constantly--I even spent from about 11:00 to 6:00 playing my violin, which is long for me, since there's nowhere for me to play in this house without tripping over something. *trips* You see?
5) I'm freakishly obsessed with Harry Potter and a certain fanfic called The Shoebox Project. Honestly, it's a bit unhealthy. Me and my friends decorate whatever shirts we have with quotes and decorate our rooms with quotes and pictures. My Harry Potter books, due to space limitations, are lined up in a row on my dresser. I am obsessed with Harry and the Potters and I love Draco and the Malfoys. (They are very good bands, and if you haven't heard them, you should. I'll post the link to their sites later, as I don't remember them off of the top of my head.) Me and my friends refer to ourselves by HP and Marauder names (I am Peter, because nobody else wanted to be. Actually, I was dubbed Pemus, because I am a mix of Peter and Remus. But, please God, call me Shannon.), and we are working on recording the Shoebox Project. We each have more than one part. For example, I am Peter, Mr. Lupin, Hector (uh, he's Sirius' pet cockroach. He lives in Sirius' flat. Don't ask.), and I narrate (everybody narrates; the role is given to whoever is at the house we're recording in and wants to do it). We're so very cool dorky.

That's about it. I'm sorry for babbling on and on. I tend to do that sometimes. I'm even doing it now, but I'll stop. Sorry.

Yours in dorkdom,
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