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Hey everyobody! I'm new here!
If you don't want to read my probably boring intro post, then just know that in the strange world known as the Internet, I am called EddingsFan, I'm a girl, and I am a total dork.

If you want to read my intro, you may do so
As stated before, I am called EddingsFan. Why? Because I have an obsession with anything Eddings writes. I've read most of his books and constantly dream about his characters (especially one Kheldar. *sighs...*). That's one reason why I'm a dork.

Another reason why I'm a dork is because my friends and I call each other by names in the Harry Potter books. One of my friends in Severus, one is Remus, one is Rosear, one is Sirius, my sister is James, and I am Avery. (But just refer to me as EddingsFan, pretty please?)

A third reason-- I love Spongebob. And I don't think that he's gay. And I will tear the throat off of anyone who says he is!!!! *growls and breathes fire* And this is not normal behavior for a sixteen year old, even if I am a girl!!!

A fourth reason-- I hate Justin Timberlake, Tom Cruise, and Brad Pitt. I am so sick of everyone and their aunt telling me that they're hot. And I don't hink Orlado Bloom's hot either. He's a good actor, is definately better looking than Timberlake, Cruise, or Pitt, and has a lot going for him, but I just don't consider him a total hottie. Who's hot on my list? Well, there's Alan Rickman (I think he's number 1!), Sean Bean (etiher that or him!), Gerard Butler, Geoferry Rush (he and I have the same birthday!), James McAvoy, Adrian Brody, David Wenham, Hugh Jackman (omg he's so buff!), and (not sure if anyone's expecting this) Billy Boyd and Andy Serkis. (Andy Serkis, for all those that  don't know, is Gollum.)

A fifth reason-- I memorize movies. Not just by watchong them over and over again. I can watch a movie once and rattle off the dialouge from it for thirty minutes straight. Without messing up. If anyone doesn't believe me, I'll find a way to do a voice post on here and do Lord of the Rings or Toy Story for you.

A sixth reason-- I am an avid reader. I love reading so much it scares some of my family. Favorite author... EDDINGS!!!!!! XD

A seventh reason-- I can do a pretty damn good Gollum impression. Again, I'll have to make a voice post on here.

An eighth reason-- I'm also a writer. It's odd how I will use flawless grammer when writing (not typing, so I don't use Microsoft Word) yet I don't give a hoot about grammer when speaking. I am currently writing a book right now. Is it ok to post my writings here for you all to critique it? If so, then feel free to be brutal.

A ninth reason-- Not sure if this is dorkish enough, but, I like acting too.  =)

A tenth reason (relax! This is the last one!!)-- I am totally obsessed with anime. Favorite shows are Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Outlaw Star. I hate Pokemon, though. Gawd, that show gives me the friggin creeps!!!

There. All done. 

So yah, I'm a dork and proud of it!!!
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