Emily Ansell (melmo_44) wrote in dorksrawesome,
Emily Ansell


I'm kinda new to this whole thing, so hi to all! Here's my top 5 rundown to affirm my dorkiness!

1) My MSN icon is currently Yoda. It has been Spock, Boba Fett, Link, Mario, Sephiroth, Supergrover, World of Warcraft cover, etc.
2) I get told on a regular basis to "use smaller words" when speaking.
3) One thing I must have when I get my own house is a room for a library to store my multitudes of books.
4) I read textbooks. For fun.
5) And finally..... One night at one of the archaeology parties for my field school, me and my friend sat and had a discussion on the amount of certain artifacts we'd found. We were both very drunk at the time. I'm no better sober either.

So how bout that? Does that qualify as "dorky"? :)
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