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I was asked by a few to post writings here. So, for all those that wanted to see it... Here ya go!

Note: This is a work of fiction. Any and all similarities to actual people are entirely coincidental and not the intent of the author (that would be me!). Also, the main town is fictional. There is no such place as San Patricio, Texas. Go look at a map if you want, but it shouldn't be there. (And if it is, tell me so I can change the name to something else.)

Setting-- Story is mainly set in San Patricio, Texas; flashbacks include Ireland, Boston, and Annapolis. 
Synopsis-- It's about the attempts of two to live a quiet life while being chased by a convicted killer they testified against in court.
Main Characters:
Richard Garrow-- Nationality; British-American. Height; 5'7". Hair; Black. Eye Color; Left Eye, Blue, Right Eye, Green.
Student at San Pedro High School (SP High) at the beginning of the book. Born in England, he moved with his mother and his twin sister Melanie to Annapolis, Maryland, after his father died. Moved to San Patricio and attended SP High, where he met and became friends with Phil Amkins, Bill Anderson, Rita Van Daren, and Charlotte Winslow, forming the Band of Six. Richard has an odd ability of foresight; if someone he knows is going to be hurt or killed, he has a nightmare the night of or the night before it happens.
Melanie Garrow-- Nationality; British-American. Height; 5'5". Hair; Black. Eye Color; Blue.
Student at SP High in the beginning of the book.
Philip Amkins-- Nationality; Irish-American. Height; 7'4". Hair; Tan. Eye Color; Blue. 
Student at SP High in the beginning of the book. Born in Ireland, he immigrated to his aunt's house in Boston after a car crash killed his parents at 5. Suffers from acromelagy (a disorder that results in giantism) and claustrophobia. A genius, he is the brains behind the pranks he and Bill pull. Graduated from school at 15, left San Patricio for college, and no one's seen him since.
Rita Van Daren-- Nationality; American. Height; 5'5". Hair; Red. Eye Color; Brown.
Student at SP High in the beginning of the book. Her mother was abusive to her; her father got a divorce and child custody over Rita. Phil's girlfriend.
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