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Well, if 6eddingsfan90 can do this, I'll pony up too. I try my hand at writing on the side too, so here's an intro for one of the things I've been working on...

This one's not titled yet, as I usually don't think of those until I'm partway through. :) It's kind of complicated, but I'll try to condense it here a little.
Setting- the country of Lautona, and the area surrounding the capital of Cathis (all of these places are completely made up), also possibly neighboring countries.
Synopsis- A noble lady falls for a commoner and she must dodge an arranged marriage and her parents while at the same time trying to save her country from danger. Swords and magic and fun abound.
Character (thus far) List:
Aurora- neice to the King and Warrior with her own sacred sword. 19 years old, tall, dark brown curly hair, and green eyes. Strong personality and honorable.
Ronan- and artisan who is also a Warrior. About 22, black hair and very blue eyes. Is in love with Aurora.
High Lady Sophia- Aurora's mother. Very strict and proper.
Julius- captain of the guards for Aurora's father. A good man, just and fair. Also a Warrior.
Dayvid- priest of the Creator. Patient and kind, a very nice guy.
Zelandros- A Warrior and good fiend of Aurora. Easygoing kind of guy but devoted to his work.
Cyrus- the man arranged to marry Aurora. fussy noble but tries to get Aurora to like him.
Well, that's what I have for now, well an abbreviated version. Enjoy!
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