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Hey, again!

This has nada to do with the last story I posted about (it's been, what, months ago and I still haven't written anything? XP). Actually, it's a Harry Potter fanfic I wrote last night. Enjoy!

*note- if not allowed, please delete.

Title- Their Last Summer
Summary- Remus Lupin and his older brother Romulus.
Rated- PG for mentions of violence.
Comments/critique and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Lupin married Loretta, and they settled down in the countryside not far from London. A year after their marriage, they had a son, whom they named Romulus. Three years after that, another son was born. They appropriately named him Remus. From the first time they saw each other, Remus and Romulus were literally inseparable.
Romulus was the one person Remus looked up to when he was younger. He wanted to be just like him in everything he did, and, more than anything, even Chocolate Frogs and presents on Christmas, he wanted Romulus to be proud of him (Which he was, of course.). The two brothers were together every waking hour, whether it was exploring the vast wood behind their house or fighting sea monsters in the lake. Sometimes they would go camping in the back lawn at night.

Nighttime was Remus' favorite part of the day. That was when Romulus told him fantastic, sometimes terrifying stories of the adventures they would have when they grew up and learned magic.

"You think we'll be together forever, Rome?" Remus always asked this, every night, after every story.
And, as usual, the reply was, "'Course we will, stupid. We're brothers. Why wouldn't we be? Now get to sleep or Mum'll pitch a fit."

Things started to change the summer of Romulus' eleventh birthday, however. He was now old enough to go to Hogwarts; he recieved a letter from them in June. An owl dropped it on his head one humid, drowsy afternoon while the boys were outside.

"What's that mean, Rome?" Remus asked, staring wide-eyed at the envelope with green ink. It read, 
                        Romulus Lupin
          The-Countryside-by-London, England

"What do you think it means?" Romulus said, frowning. "It means I'm going to Hogwarts. I'm going to learn how to become a wizard."
"Really? Keen! When do we leave?" Remus piped. Why should Romulus frown? Finally, they were going to be wizards! Then they could have all sorts of adventures!
"Remus, you don't understand. I'm going."
"I know that already! When do we leave?"
Remus was silent. The smile instantly faded. "Alone?" he finally asked.
"Without...... Without me?"
"Yeah." He hopped off the log he was sitting on and walked away.
Remus was crushed. Alone! Without him! He was off becoming a wizard, and he'd have to stay home! That just wasn't fair! The indignation of it all!
"Rome?" Remus called after him. Romulus didn't respond; he was too far away to hear. Remus ran towards him. "Hey, wait up! Aren't we going to tell Mum and Dad?"
"We? What's this 'we' stuff again?" Romulus snapped.
Remus flinched. "Well, I just thought they'd want to know......"
"Oh, hush for a minute, will you?" he snapped again and walked away.
"Why are you so upset?" Remus asked.
"Aren't you?" Romulus stopped.
"Well..." he faltered, "yeah, but... it's not like it's your fault, anyway..."
Romulus sighed. "I guess not."
"And think about it this way; you can help me along when I finally go, whenever that is." Remus said.
"And you'll have all sorts of stories to tell when you come home for Christmas!" Remus liked being optimistic. It did wonders when they felt melancholy.
Romulus chuckled. "I'm gonna miss your optimism when I get to school, y'know."
"I'll miss you too, Rome."
"But we can have loads more adventures before I go!"
"Yeah! There's miles of woods we haven't even begun to look around in!"
"I'll bet you anything that there's another lake or something around here somewhere where we can swim and stuff!"
"Yeah! Yeah! And loads of trees we haven't even climbed yet!"
By the time the boys went home for supper that evening, they were feeling better about being separated.


Summer flew faster than either of them anticipated. Their parents, of course, were so proud and excited when Romulus showed them the letter that Remus began to feel the pang of being left out. They bought Romulus an owl as a present (of which Remus was extremely jealous), they bought his robes, his wand (maple, twelve inches, unicorn hair), his cauldron, and all his books; pretty soon, September was looming omniously around the corner, and the boys hadn't done everything they had wanted to do.

"Well, we have to at least go on one more campout" Remus insisted.
"Yeah, but where? The back lawn's getting so boring!" Romulus complained.
"Well... We could go out into the woods and camp..." Remus suggested.
"Brilliant! Tomorrow night's a full moon too; we'll have plenty of light!" Romulus' face brightened up, then faded again as he realized, "Oh, wait, no, no. Mum'll pitch a huge hissy if we even tried to ask to go out."
"Phew!" Remus sighed. "That's good! Werewolves come out every full moon anyway--"
"There aren't any werewolves around here, stupid!" Romulus said idignantly.
"There might be..." Remus shivered. "You told me all about them..."
"Werewolves don't exist around London" his brother said matter-of-factly.
"How do you know?"
"I'm older than you. I know everything."
"Then why do you have to learn to be a wizard, Mr. High-And-Mighty?"
Romulus couldn't seem to come up with an answer for that besides a firm whack on Remus' head. "Shut up! Look, I'll prove it to you! We'll go out deep into the woods tomorrow night, and if we don't see one, that proves it!"
"But what about Mum's hissy fit?" Remus asked fearfully. That was what he was really afraid of.
"Never mind her! We'll sneak out! C'mon Remus! You want to make me proud, don't you?"
Remus thought for a bit. "Of course, but..."
"Then are you coming, or not?"
Remus stared at his brother. If he said no, then he'd risk losing his brother. If he said yes, then he'd risk...
What had he to risk if he said yes? Rome would be there; nothing would happen; and, after all, they both had survived many a tounge-lashing from their mother...
"Well?" Rome asked again.
"Ok. Tomorrow night. And I won't breathe a word to Mum."


"Wow, it's bright! Even under the trees" Remus whispered.
"Yeah. It's pretty." Romulus murmured sleepily.
The boys had snuck out after midnight, bringing only chocolate, soda pop, sleeping bags and pillows. They didn't bring the tent; not only was it too big for them to set up without their father, but sleeping under the stars was much more enjoyable. They set up camp about a half-mile from the house, where they drank the pop and ate the chocolate, told jokes and Romulus' traditional story, and enjoyed what seemed like their last night together.
They lay like that for what seemed like hours, just staring up at the bright midnight sky, at the moon and stars... Remus started to fall asleep; he could hear Romulus snore...


Both of them sat upright. They looked at each other in fear. "What was that??" they both shouted.

HOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! This one was louder. They heard crashing through the bushes. They stood up, looking around fearfully.

Then they saw it.

It was immense. A huge, silvery gray wolf with blazing red eyes was suddenly there, staring at them.

And it looked hungry.

"Remus, RUN!!!!!!" Romulus shouted.

He did. And he didn't look back.

He heard Romulus huffing behind him, and the werewolf crashing behind both of them.

Remus hid under a big log. Where was Romulus?

He was still back there.

"Remus, RUN!!!" he screamed again. He picked up a rock and threw it at the werewolf, and ran in another direction.

What the bloody hell was he doing?? Then Remus understood; Romulus was trying to lead it away from him...

The werewolf lunged. Romulus screamed once, and that was all.

"Romulus!!!" Remus screamed, jumping out. He saw his brother's body being thrashed to bits. Remus picked up a rock and threw it at the werewolf.

It looked at him, blood dripping from it's foamed mouth, dropped Romulus' leg, and lunged at him. Remus held up his arm in defense.

There was searing pain in his arm and chest, and the sound and feel of crunching bones... This was it... he was going to die...


The curse hit the werewolf. Then the monster ran away.

Who cast it?... Who was there?...

"Remus!! Remus, for God's sake, are you alive?" a woman's voice called.

"Dear God! Romulus!" a man shouted.

It was his parents... their voices were fading...

"Remus, stay awake! Stay with me! Stay awake!..." his mother pleaded.

He couldn't. Try as he might, he just could not stay awake.


Remus woke up in a white bed. The room around him was white.

This wasn't his room. His room was green.

"Romulus?..." he tried to sit up, tried to see where on earth he was...

His chest and arm started stinging. Again.

Then he realized where he must be, and he remembered what happened.

NO! It was a dream! A horrible nightmare! He must still be dreaming! Romulus just couldn't be... He was on his way to Hogwarts... They were going to be the best wizards ever, and they were going to have all sorts of adventures... Was he really ...

Remus just couldn't think of it. Was Romulus really dead?

Remus lay back on the pillow and started to cry. What was going to happen now? Why had he agreed to go outside on a full moon, anyway? This was all his fault, everything was his fault, he might as well die right now...

"Remus!" His mother was there.

"Mom!" Then Remus started to cry even more. 

Loretta held him close. "Shush, dear, hush now, it's all right, Remus, it's all right," she said soothingly.

"N-No, it's n-not a-a-all r-right! This was m-my fault! A-All my fault! I-I sh-shouldn't have l-listened! I should've s-said no! M-Mama, I'm so s-s-s-sorry!" Remus sobbed hysterically.

"No! No, Remus, this wasn't your fault, dearest!" Loretta soothed. "There was nothing you could do, darling. That wolf was too big, you couldn't have stopped him on your own, darling. This wasn't your fault."

Remus cried himself back to sleep, and had a nightmare. 
Romulus was covered in blood, and holding a mirror. Inside the mirror, instead of his face, Remus saw the werewolf with blood-red eyes staring back at him. "Why don't you stop him?" Romulus asked. "You do want to make me proud, don't you?" Then the werewolf charged again, and Remus woke up in a hot sweat.

A week later, Remus was released from St. Mungo's Hospital with the sad news that there was nothing they could do. The werewolf had bitten him. Now he was one. He was one of those monsters that killed his brother. What could be worse?
They buried Romulus about the same time Remus got out of the hospital. A lot of friends and family were there, all saying how sorry they were. For some reason, nothing they said made him feel better. Maybe it was the fact that no matter how many times they said they were sorry, Romulus was still dead.


Three years passed. Three miserable, lonely, fearful years. Every full moon, Remus was locked away in the cellar all alone, and he changed into a werewolf. The next morning his parents would bring him up to bed, until the next time that the full moon was scheduled to appear.

Remus sat by the lake, where he and Romulus used to fight sea monsters, staring down at the dark water.
Something landed next to him.
Looking over, Remus saw a tawny brown owl, with a letter in its beak. The owl dropped the letter and flew away.
Remus picked up the letter.
The envelope read, in green ink,

              Remus Lupin
                The Lake
     The-Countryside-by-London, England

Remus couldn't believe it. Didn't they know about him?
He grabbed the envelope and ran inside to show his mother.


"Well Remus," his father said to him a few nights later, "I wrote to the headmaster Dumbledore about your current health condition."
"And?" Remus said apprehensively.
"And Dumbledore says that they'll work something out." His father smiled.
"You mean... I can go?" Remus asked, his eyes wide. What on earth were they thinking? He was a werewolf, for God's sake!...

...This was incredible! He was going to Hogwarts! YES!!!

"Now, I don't want you making trouble. Dumbledore's a very kind man for letting you go despite the fact that you're a werewolf" his father said sternly. "So the least you can do is be good."
"Now, you can take the owl with you, we'll need to get your things packed, your robes, your wand..." his mother started listing the things they needed to do. Remus couldn't believe it. It was almost as if he was... normal.
He ran and hugged his parents tight.


Remus waited at the train station. Alone. His parents had already left. He was so nervous he almost threw up.
He could still back out. He could still say 'no thank you' and go home...

"C'mon Remus!" he heard Romulus say. "You want to make me proud, don't you?"
Remus thought of his brother, the stories of adventures, his sacrifice...
"Of course. I do want to make you proud, Rome. And I will."
He got on the train.
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